Most of us are stuck at home now due to everything going on in the UK and around the world. We would love to say it’s down to bad weather or something more trivial however unfortunately it’s not. Being stuck at home can start to feel a bit like groundhog day but we have discovered some ways you can use this extra time to your advantage.

We can run out of things to do to keep our brains active. Having different things to do each day can help keep morale high as well as making the time pass quicker. With different activities to enjoy it will also keep the peace in the family home. Lots of us have the kids off school too so for that reason having a variety of options makes lockdown easier for everyone. 

Most of us would love to be away on an exciting break somewhere but the majority are at home or even stuck in hotels on the other side of the world wanting to get home. So, for that reason, we’ve put together some great things to do.

Play (board) games from your childhood 

This is the perfect moment to get out that Monopoly board that’s gathered dust in the cupboard. It could be Cluedo or even Snakes & Ladders. Even if you don’t have access to board games, dig deep into your memory for games you haven’t played in years

Things like charades or pictionary are always great to get involved in or grab a pack of cards and watch the hours fly by!

Get your artist vibe on and become creative 

Whether that’s improving your drawing skills with a simple pen and paper or doing a challenge to draw each other, this is something that can be enjoyed for hours. Get the kids to draw Mum and Dad or vice versa. Even better, get the kids to draw what they see from the living room or hotel window. You never know; this could unearth a new skill for you or your family.

If you are at home why not put your new creations on the windows for all your neighbours to see – depending on how proud you are of course!

Think ahead and plan your future 

This is the time to plan the places you really want to visit or the hotels you want to experience when all this is over. Feel inspired and motivated. Road map the hotels you want to go to or the destinations you want to go to later in the year or in 2021.  Why not check out our website for deals available later in the year.

Also, plan out a bucket list of the things you want to achieve for the next five to ten years. Get all the family involved and this can be a time where families can really learn more about each other. 

Have a party 

Have a party with your family because why not?! Whether it’s someone’s birthday, celebrating a special occasion or just toasting to another day of lock down being over, relax and enjoy some time with each other with a bunch of great snacks and maybe even a drink or two. Get creative and create a cocktail menu. It’s important to have fun during these stressful and sometimes dark times.

You can also use the latest social media platforms to extend your event invite and have a digital party with other family members who are also at home.

Create your very own mini gym experience 

If you’re at home, it could be a great time to get back into fitness or keep up with your gym routine when everywhere is closed. Whether that’s ordering equipment to your home and planning out your daily exercise or using whatever is in the room – there are many online videos available to help you.

Working out can do amazing things for our mental wellbeing as well as physical. It can be easy to just binge eat and lay about all day during the lockdown but getting up and moving around is vital.

Write letters to loved ones the old-fashioned way 

During these times it’s important to stay in contact with loved ones. Especially our elderly relatives. Of course, it’s great to keep in contact through the likes of FaceTime or WhatsApp. There are other fun ways of communicating though. Teach the kids to write letters to their Gran or Grampa. Not only will this teach them how we all used to communicate before technology, but it will improve their writing skills as well.  

Have a movie marathon 

This might be an obvious one but who doesn’t enjoy just relaxing all day on the sofa watching a movie marathon on Netflix? It could be Disney films, an action-packed adventure extravaganza or a romcom day. No matter what it is, the whole family will be entertained for hours when you all find films you can enjoy together.

Build a fort in the living room 

We can all be honest enough to say that we wanted to build a blanket fort at one time or another.  Get everyone involved. The kids and the parents! To make this masterpiece you’ll need kitchen chairs, a few blankets and maybe some sheets. This can be a great time for all the family to be involved and just forget about life’s stresses. 

Have your very own Great British Bake Off Contest 

We all love the Great British Bake Off. Whether it’s just a few of you or more, take a day out to create your very own baked masterpieces.  The whole family can have roles in this. Each taking turns being the judge and contestants. Not only do you have hours of fun, you get to (hopefully) eat tasty treats while also learning how to bake something new.  

Get round to dealing with the garden 

You’ve been putting it off for ages but as we all have extra time on our hands it could be time to attend to those plants, cut the grass or pull those ugly weeds from the ground. Not only can being in and around the garden improve the mood, the fresh air will also improve our well-being.

Starting a new project 

Learning a new skill can be great for employment or even as a hobby. This is the time to do it. There aren’t any excuses to put it off.  You could use this time to aquire extra skills in time for returning to work!

Although these are testing times for us all, there is plenty we can do to enjoy ourselves while the lockdown around the UK is going on. These activities are great for those bored at home or those in a hotel. We can not only have fun, spending quality time with our loved ones but we can also learn about ourselves too. 

It won’t be long before you’re booking your next trip away with but until then stay safe and enjoy being at home.