We’ve been in lockdown for a little while now and it’s been easier for some more than others.  In last week’s blog on activities to do during lock down at home or in a hotel we spoke about the importance of doing things that keep you happy and healthy during this period. One activity which I’ve noticed that is vital during the pandemic is to keep fit.  

I had a discussion with my sister, Katie the other day who’s a certified Personal Trainer based in Essex and we spoke in-depth about the options that people have right now when they are stuck at home for most of the day. With her years of education and experience it was great to not only learn some methods but bounce off ideas as well as someone who’s active and enjoys the gym and generally keeping fit and healthy. 

Keeping fit can help you stick to a routine while being at home. Some of us are WFH right now and in that case, working out before “office hours” can not only motivate us but it can drive us to complete the tasks that need done on any given day. 

Keeping fit can also improve our morale. Looking at the same four walls seven days a week isn’t good for anyone. That’s why moving around and getting a sweat on can do wonders for the mindset and keep us happy during this tough time.  

Also keeping fit enables our immune systems to be in the best place to fight off any bugs and gives us a fighting chance against anything else. Added to this, keeping fit can be fun. Whether you’re new to it or like me, who is missing the gym; finding ways to keep fit is truly great. 

Below you’ll find some different ways to keep active during lockdown. This will keep you healthy, happy and in the best place overall to enjoy short breaks again as soon as this is over:

Ease yourself into home work outs with online classes 

Some of our readers might have been happy that the gym closed nationwide a few weeks ago. It got us time to chill out and watch Netflix. But exercising can be fun. It’s not all boring. If you need some inspiration I suggest starting out with online classes. These can be found for free anywhere on YouTube. Also renowned good guy Joe Wix – The Body Coach – is doing HIIT classes every morning at 9am for both the kids and adults.  This means the whole family can get involved and be healthy together. 

Below is our featured workout video from our very own Katie, you can check out more of her videos and fitness tips by following her on Facebook.

There are also other Personal Trainers who are conducting their own FREE live fitness videos via Facebook and Instagram live. These work outs are for all levels and can give people the confidence and motivation whether they are starting or looking to maintain their fitness journey. 

Use your time outside wisely by going for a run or walk

Going outside for an hour near to your home for a run or walk is not only fine during lock down it’s encouraged in some quarters.  Running or walking every day is great for the mind as well as the heart. A great suggestion is to track where you run or walk every day and try beat the previous time. This keeps motivation high as well as improving fitness week to week. Also, walking is great for every type of person no matter where they on their fitness journey.

Beat the gym blues by acquiring your own home mini gym 

Some of us are missing the gym but there are lots of fitness companies out there providing gym equipment we can use at home. From gym mats and dumbbells to pull up bars. Whether you have the space or not, this is a great chance to create your gym routine right at home. This isn’t for everyone and in all honestly you don’t need equipment to keep up with your fitness routine, but this can be good for those of us missing pulling weights. 

Feel good with just body weight exercises 

Body weight exercises are not only a great way to maintain those “gains” and general fitness but it’s a great introductory method to those of us new to working out. Using our own weight for squats, push ups and different variants can give you a real burn and sweat if completed in the right format. It’s important to have low rest periods during each set or exercise as you’ll get the most out of this type of exercise this way.   

Explore the world of fitness apps 

Using fitness videos and daily classes might not be your thing. Choosing a fitness app can be a game-changer for some. Fitness apps gives users everything they need to know when starting out on their fitness journey by giving detailed information on exercise routines as well as what you should be eating every day. Fitness apps can create tailor-made plans that align with what you want to achieve. They can also assist with your own work out routine, whether that’s small tweaks or other changes. 

Ease into Yoga 

Yoga is another method of exercise which is great for the mind as well as the body. Yoga is perfect for beginners as well as more advanced. You also don’t need much space to be Yoga ready or to practice. Especially during these testing times Yoga can relax the mind and stop over thinking that the uncertainty has caused.  

Get great at gardening 

In last week’s blog I mentioned about how it’s good to get outside into the garden while on lock down.  It’s great to be gardening on several levels during this time. From getting vitamin D from the sun as well as being around trees and plants can also improve our mood. It can also be great for our fitness as we’re up and moving around. This might be an option for some who find other methods of exercise boring.  


Keeping fit during these times is important more so than ever. It helps us stay sane as well as aiding in keeping healthy. Whether its yoga, gardening, running, walking or other home work out methods, adding this to your daily routine during the lockdown will not only make you feel better it will help to make sure you are it tip top shape when looking to travel again once this is all over.