We’re all missing the delights that a hotel break brings.  From the comfy beds and great leisure on offer, to the scenic locations and generally getting away from it all. Of course, another aspect of a luxurious hotel stay is the high-end dining experience that a lot of our hotels offer. As we’re still in lock down for the next while at least, it can get a little boring time to time. So, in that instance we need things to look forward to.  

Now we have the chance to think outside the box and try something different.  Creating your own very own hotel dining experience at home is closer than you think.  Bring the outside in and from the comfort of your own home. With all the mod cons that come with the modern kitchen it’s become easier than ever to create those great hotel restaurant experiences even on lock down.  

There is opportunity to not only improve your cooking skills during this period, but it gives us an excuse to use the nice dishes too. Here at myhotelbreak, we’ve put together the go to guide when looking to create a hotel dinner style experience from your own kitchen. Goodbye frozen dinners hello fine dining at home. 

Decide on the type of dining experience

The first step in the process is deciding the meal you are going to prepare and build a theme around that. The ideas are truly endless here. You might want to go for an intimate boutique hotel restaurant or a country house hotel vibe. Although your family will be your guests, it’s important to think about what they would enjoy too. It’s also the time to transform your dining space into something special and memorable. The one rule? To create an atmosphere that’s relaxed, inviting and enjoyable. So, get creative. 

  • Select a theme 
  • Transform your dining space into something exciting 
  • Create a relaxing vibe 

Select only the best dishes for your guests 

It could be the wedding china you got as a gift or the crystal that has been in the family for generations. Make sure you have your best dining set ready to go. You could also iron linen napkins too. For the starter you could present it in such a way that even a simple dish becomes more interesting and appetising. Small touches like polishing a dining set and creating a unique presentation of the starter and mains can really give that wow effect like you get when dining in top end hotel restaurants. 

  • Use wedding china 
  • Crystal that has been in the family for a while 
  • Buy online 
  • Make sure your presentation has the wow factor 

Create the best atmosphere 

No need to go wild here but setting the scene once you’ve decided on the type of dining experience is vital.  Lighting is then most important aspect. It can make or break an evening if done incorrectly. Take your time perfecting it. Candles are a good option along with a relaxed music selection can really set the scene.  Getting the lighting right can really bring your hotel restaurant vision to life.  Curating illumination is something that hotels do very well. If candles aren’t for you, try covering lamps with scarves to soften the glow. 

  • Choose the correct lighting 
  • Candles  
  • Cover lamps 

Choose the venue 

Most families eat in the kitchen. So, to add to the authenticity of the event, change where the dining will take place. Use the dining room. Or as the weather is getting nicer, take advantage of the outdoor space, whether that’s the decking, balcony or terrace. These changes can put a smile on everyone’s faces.  

  • Dining room 
  • Outside decking 
  • Balcony 
  • Terrace 

Be creative with the menu choice 

Although cooking isn’t new for you, preparing and executing a high end hotel restaurant meal might make you feel a bit daunted. If you don’t cook often there’s always the choice of ordering from your local take away and getting the food delivered. This also helps local businesses stay afloat during these tough times. To ease the stress, it’s probably better to prepare the meals in advance. This means less rushing around on the day of the dining experience.  It doesn’t need to be Michelin-star to make it a special night. It’s your home, where you’re spending quality time with your loved ones that’s important. 

As movements are limited right now, get creative with what you’ve got in the fridge. Use ingredients that can create a variety of meals. If you are confident in the kitchen then don’t be afraid to experiment.  

  • Prepare well in advance 
  • Use ingredients that can make a variety of meals 
  • Experiment with ingredients 
  • Alternatively, get restaurant food delivered  

Dress to impress 

Dressing in your finest attire will add sophistication to the home dining experience. Wear what you would pack for dinner at the hotel. Your home restaurant will feel like the real thing this way. 

  • It adds a touch of class to proceedings 
  • Wear what you wear for dinner during your short break 

Relax and enjoy the event

 One of the most important aspects of the event is for you to enjoy yourself, especially with everything else going on in the world now. Turning your home into a makeshift hotel restaurant should be done stress free. A perfect evening doesn’t exist so don’t worry that everything isn’t as you pictured it. If your family enjoy the evening along with you, then that’s what it’s about. Home is the best place to be after all. 

Another fun alternative to hosting your family 

As much as we love our families, for a lot of us, we’ve been spending the last 6 weeks with them every hour of the day. We also miss our friends and our social lives. An alternative could be having a virtual hotel dining experience with your friends across the likes of Zoom or Facetime. Compare with friends how good your cooking is via these platforms. It can be something to look forward to and a break from the “norm” so to speak.  


Creating your very own hotel dining experience can be fun for so many different reasons.  Creating your vision and bring it to life can be really rewarding too. It won’t be long till your back enjoying short breaks with us so check out the website for all the latest offers. In the meantime, enjoy creating your very own hotel dining experience from the comfort of your own home.