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Destination Guide

Seaside image of Felixstowe showing the promenade and colourful old fashioned beach huts close to a wide range of hotels and tourist destinations / sights


Tourist Information

Things to see & do in Felixstowe

The charming seaside town of Felixstowe is located in the heart of Suffolk and offers visitors traditional charm with colourful old-fashioned beach huts scattered around the 4 miles of sand and shingle, a traditional British pier, a boating lake and a wide-range of shops, cafes, bistros, and cosy real-ale pubs.

Felixstowe's 2 mile Promenade stretches virtually the whole length of the beach - from Languard Point to Felixstowe Ferry, ideal for an afternoon's stroll with an ice cream before buying fish and chips and sticks of rock from kiosks by the pier.

Felixstowe 5 day weather forecast