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The very short but attractive canal that is less that a mile long with lots of greenery on the canal banks, close to a wide range of hotels and tourist destinations / sights


Tourist Information

Things to see & do in Boroughbridge

Being within an equal distance between Edinburgh and London with free town centre parking, Boroughbridge is ideal for travellers to take a break and stretch their legs and offers a pleasant alternative to a bland motorway service station - with so much more to offer.
Boroughbridge is also located within 30 minutes of the thriving Yorkshire centres of Leeds, York and Harrogate making it great for a base to tour Yorkshire from.

The river Ure flows through Boroughbridge and is home to a marina. There is a very short but attractive canal which runs parallel to the river so that craft can navigate around the weir on the river - it's less than a mile long! There are pleasant walks along the canal to the canal lock and plenty of fishing is available here although the canal banks are rather steep.


Boroughbridge's shops are more traditional shops with none of the usual high street shops present. There are lovely displays of fruit, vegetables and flowers and some nice tea shops.

A mile west of Boroughbridge are the "Devil's Arrows" : three stones which were erected in prehistoric times the tallest is 6.8m.

Boroughbridge 5 Day Weather Forecast