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Views from the Roof Garden at New Lanark Visitor Centre in New Lanark close to a wide range of hotels and tourist destinations / sights

New Lanark

Tourist Information

Things to see & do in New Lanark

New Lanark is a World Heritage Site found in the valley of the Royal Burgh Lanark, set on the banks of the River Clyde and is host to some breathtaking scenery.

The village was founded by David Dale who realised that the fast flowing River Clyde would be perfect for his new cotton mills.The village is more famous for Robert Owen who was Dales son in law, he brought in new laws were children were sent to school instead of work, shorter working hours, he also built the first co-operative store. The mills closed in 1968 bringing 200 years of cotton manufacturing to an end. However in 1974, a restoration programme began and New Lanark has become a thriving community again. Visitors can now visit restored houses of how the millworkers used to live, working machinery and the roaring falls of clyde.

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