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The seven arched bridge with the river flowing under through it links Birnam and Dunkeld close to a wide range of hotels and tourist destinations/sights.


Tourist Information

Things to see & do in Dunkeld

The glorious Perthshire countryside surrounds the lovely village of Birnam, and Dunkeld, Scotland's smallest city.

Birnam and Dunkeld are linked together by a seven arched bridge which was designed by Thomas Telford. There is a riverside path that offers excellent views of the bridge. Dominating Dunkeld is its ancient cathedral , which is next to the river

Birnam is well known from the William Shakepseare play, Macbeth due to the famous line 'I will not be afraid of death and bane till Birnam Forest come to Dunsinane'.

Beatrix Potter also spent her childhood holidays here and you can find out more about her at the Birnam Institute and the Beatrix Potter garden.

Dunkeld has little houses which are brightly coloured and were build in the 1700's and are now in the care of the National Trust for Scotland.

A variety of specialist shops can be found along Atholl Street.

Click here for Dunkeld's 5 day weather forecast.

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