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The City hall set in the centre of town in Nottingham close to a wide range of hotels and tourist destinations / sights


Tourist Information

Things to see & do in Nottingham

Nottingham is the main city in the East Midlands of England and is a vibrant friendly city - where the past and present harmonise perfectly to create a unique destination, offering something for everyone.

Nottingham has a colourful past of legend and lace and caves and castles. Beneath the bustling city streets is a unique labyrinth of man made caves, over 400 in total. The Caves of Nottingham is your chance to explore some of them including the tannery, air raid shelter and Victorian slum.

Above the ground, Nottingham castle stands high on the city skyline. The original castle was burned down in the English civil War leaving only the medieval gatehouse. The fine ducal mansion that was built in its place has exhibitions which bring its turbulent history to life and is also an acclaimed museum and art gallery today for contemporary works.

Below Castle Rock, the Brewhouse Yard Museum offers another chance to trace Nottingham life through the ages. A short walk across the city brings you to the splendid Shire Hall, home to the Galleries of Justice. This journey through time gives you a chance to discover everything about justice in England through the ages, from the Victorian courtroom and county gaol to today's crime scene investigations.

Nottingham is one of the top two retail centres in the UK according to a recent national survey and it really is a shopper's paradise with over 1300 shops from which to choose. There are six major department stores and two major shopping centres, the Victoria and the Broadmarsh centres, offering all-weather shopping. The elegant Flying Horse Walk and Exchange Arcades are a must for top quality clothing, arts, furniture and accessories. There are many specialised shops offering everything from collectable antiques along Derby Road, to the latest must-have goods and items that you can only find in the unique Hockley area of the city.

Extensive pedestrianisation and splendid floral displays around the city in summer make city centre shopping a real pleasure. So too the abundance of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bistros around the city which, when weather permits, bring al fresco dining for a real continental feel. Not surprising therefore that Nottingham has been voted one of the most "vital and vibrant" city centres in the UK.

At the end of the day, Nottingham is still buzzing with life as the choice of entertainment on offer brings people of all ages to the city to sample what is becoming a legendary nightlife. Dining out is not to be missed Nottingham has over 200 restaurants from which to choose. Pubs and bars in the city include what is reputedly England's oldest inn to the most elegant of modern wine bars.

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