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Things to see & do in Stroud

Stroud is a great base to explore the undiscovered south Cotswolds countryside and the Five Golden Valleys. The town of Stroud is the capital of the south western Cotswolds and located at the divergence of the five Golden Valleys.

Stroud was the Industrial centre of the Cotswolds being built upon the wool industry and today is still very much of a working town.

In recent years, Stroud has become a thriving alternative centre, its town council Green since 1990. You'll see mountains of organic food and sustainable goods for sale in the centre, while the nearby valleys are home to a growing community of artists and New Agers.

Selsley Common is 160 acres of grazed hill-top land that is managed by Stroud District Council in liaison with local graziers. It too offers views of the Stroud District landscape. Enjoy panoramic views from the common then walk through woodland on clearly marked tracks. There are several ups and downs, bluebells in spring, and colourful autumn trees.

Just over a mile from Stroud, Rodborough Fort is situated 600 ft above sea level. It is one of the earliest recorded properties in the area. Rodborough Fort dates from the 1760s.

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