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Image of Lough Neagh a large freshwater lake in County Armagh Northern Ireland.

County Armagh

Tourist Information


It may be the smallest county in Northern Ireland, but what Amagh lacks in size, it makes up for with its stunning scenery and magnificent attractions. Situated in the Northeast of the island, adjoined to the southern shore of Loch Neagh. Some of the most famous sights include Slieve Gullion which is a mountain in the south of the county and the highest point within the country. The Armagh City has two cathedrals – the only city in the world to have two! Armagh is known as the Orchard County because of the number of apple orchards. The Armagh County is perfect to explore Northern Ireland rich history, culture, cathedrals makes this an ideal destination for a hotel break.

If you only have a few days, here is what you must see and do!

Navan Centre and Fort
Classed as one of Ireland’s top attractions, Navan Fort known in old Irish as Emain Macha which is a large circular earthwork on the summit of a drumlin. Visitors can experience exhibitions, audio visual shows, archaeology discovery rooms or you can simple relax in the Navan Coffee Shop (tempting your taste buds)!

Armagh Planetarium
Armagh Planetarium offers visitors a unique digital theatre experience where you can explore the planet and beyond, take a tour of the night skies and discover the myths behind the star constellations. You can also experience exhibition areas using the interactive displays to learn more about the cosmos.

Craigavon Lakes
Kayaking, water skiing, wind surfing, sailing and canoeing. The Craigavon lakes are excellent for all sorts of water activities. You can head over to the Craigavon water sports centre where you can rent equipment including open canoes, kayaks or stand up paddle boards.

Loch Neagh
Loch Neagh is a large freshwater lake in Northern Ireland which is the largest lake by area in the British Isles where you can get up and close to nature as the Loch has a network of trails and bird watching hides. On the other hand you can relax by taking a boat trip to experience the spectacular scenery.

Saint Patricks Cathedral (Church of Ireland)
Saint Patrick founded his great church on the hill of city Armagh in 445 AD with the present building date from 1268. Visitors can experience audio walking tours to. It is a modest building with interesting monuments and an 11th century carved stone high cross. One of the most iconic attractions located in City Antrim, where you can view the stunning stained glass windows, mosaics and shimmering gold leaf sculptures. This is one of Antrims most iconic attractions.

Slieve Gullion
Slieve Gullion is a mountain in the south of the county Armagh. The mountain is the heart of Ring of Gullion and is the highest point in the county set in an area of outstanding beauty (AONB). Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

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