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View from the city walls of Derry over the town.

County Londonderry

Tourist Information


With its compact character, great food and history, Londonderry (formally known as derry) is the perfect county to have a hotel break! Home to its fine architecture, wealth of history, thriving arts, music and foodie scene, Londonderry is located on the west bank of the River Foyle. Known for its cathedral displays, the tower museum has city views and historical exhibits, huge stained glass windows. Gold was discovered in the Spen Mountains and mining has been carried out since 2007. The city is the North West’s foremost shopping district, housing two large shopping centres serving much of the country. Derry is the second largest country in Northern Ireland and has plenty to do for everyone!

If you only have a few days, here is what you must see and do!

Derry City Walls
Located in Derry - the second largest city in Northern Ireland and four largest city in Ireland. The Derry City Walls are approximately 26 feet high and 30 feet wide. The only completely intact city walls in Ireland, your walk will take in all the main sights, including the four sets of original gates and 24 original cannons.

Jungle NI
Located in an enchanting woodland in Londonderry is an innovative and award winning outdoor adventure provider. This adrenaline packed outdoor activity centre will let you feel the thrills and excitement from experiencing the tree top high wires, zorbing, archery, clay pigeon shooting and IIama trekking. It is the largest paintball site in Northern Ireland great for outdoor enthusiast.

Portstewart Golf Course
Golf like a pro at the Portstewart Golf Course, the host of the 2017 Irish Open and one of the few clubs in Ireland to have three courses situated on Northern Ireland’s magnificent causeway coast.

The Tower Museum
The tower museum is located within Derry’s historic walls has won four major awards since its opening. Spread over five floors with its upper level giving stunning panoramic views of the Walled City and the River Foyle. The museum has two permanent exhibitions. “The Story of Derry” and the “Armado Shipwreck – La Trinidad Valericera”. Both exhibitions use a range of displays and interactive techniques to present their stories.

Siege Museum
The New Siege Museum and exhibitions is a permanent display of the history of the Siege of Londonderry and of the associate clubs of the Apprentice boys of Derry. Visitors will also have the added attraction of being able to view one of the finest collections of meeting rooms used by the local orders.

Peace Bridge
Connected by the banks of the River Foyle in Derry, the peace bridge is a pedestrian and cycle bridge with unusual wavy shape, curved deck and inclined suspension cables. Standing at 771 ft, the bridge was designed to improve access however is mostly used to take pictures of the outstanding views of the city and river Foyle.

The Guildhall
The Guildhall is well worth taking time to see, this multi award winning attraction is located in the heart of Derry and one of the most striking buildings in the North West. With its unique history and appeal, the Guildhall contains stunning examples of stained glass windows, red sandstone features and outstanding architecture. Visitors can explore new exhibitions exploring how the plantation has shaped the history of Derry.

Museum of Free Derry
The Museum of Free Derry offers a full multi – media exhibition on the civil rights and early conflict era in the city of Derry. This has become an important attraction within Northern Ireland radical and civil rights heritage.

Mussenden Temple and Downhill Demsene
Mussenden Temple is located in the beautiful surroundings of Downhill Demesne near Castlerock in county Londonderry. It perches dramatically off a 120ft cliff top, high above the Atlantic Ocean. The Mussenden Temple was built in 1785 and was built as a summer library inspired by the Temple of Vesta in Rome. Both the temple and the surrounding views are among the most photographed scenes in Ireland, colourful sheltered garden paths. Children can also receive a tracker pack including binoculars, compass.

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