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The Troosachs area of Scotland is located north of Glasgow and west of Stirling.

Stirling, Trossachs, Loch Lomond & Central Scotland

Tourist Information

Hotels & Things to see & do in Stirling, The Trossachs, Loch Lomond & Central Scotland

This area of Scotland is famous for many reasons. It is where many famous Scottish historical figures were born and brought up. Each contributing towards making Scotland the proud nation it is today. Rob Roy McGregor, Mary Queen of Scots, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, are some who spring to mind.

Apart from the historical trail of castles and battle fields, the area has also some very picturesque regions, such as Loch Lomond , The Trossachs and the Campsies. In addition there are many exciting things to do, from mountain biking, to cruising, golf, with over 70 courses in the region to tackling the mammoth Assault course - "Go Ape" near Aberfoyle.


Stirling itself is strategically placed with its imposing castle set high on the crags. Stirling Castle is every bit as impressive as Edinburgh Castle. It is said that whoever controlled Stirling controlled the "key to Scotland". As you can imagine over the centuries the area has seen many turbulent times. Perhaps the most famous of which was the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, where the Scots beat the English. The Bannockburn Heritage Centre is well worth a visit.

Nowadays, Stirling is a cosmopolitan city, with modern shopping malls and trendy restaurants and bistros. There is a mix of old and new and a walk up the hill to the castle takes you into the old town, dating back to the 12th century with tall tenemants the old town jail, the Church of the Holy Rude, Argyll Lodgings and the Tolbooth.

Another worthwhile visit is to the Wallace Monument, depicted in the Mel Gibson film "Braveheart". The Gothic styled monument pays tribute to a true Scottish hero exhibiting many artefacts including William Wallace's 2 handed sword.

The Trossachs

An area west of Stirling and north of Glasgow and up to the eastern shoreline of Loch Lomond. An area of true beauty and is a National Park. A popular area for walkers. Contrasting scenery from sparkling lochs to craggy mountains, deep forested glens to quaint villages such as Aberfoyle, Callander, Drymen, Fintry and many more. The Trossachs are often referred to the "Highlands in miniature". Sir Walter Scott wrote his famous poem "Lady of the Lake" in the Trossachs and nowadays there is a beautiful cruise on Loch Katrine on the steam boat SS Walter Scott.

Walking in the Trossachs is superb, challenging peaks like Ben Lomond. Being part of the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, opens up a vast wilderness of easy walks and mountain bike routes. A useful guide is Collins Walk Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

Loch Lomond

Britain's largest landlocked loch, known as the "Queen of Scottish Lochs and is 22 miles long, and up to 5 miles wide. With dozens of small islands dotted along the lochs length. It is in a beautiful setting, and many boat trips are available, such as Sweeney Cruises.

Towns in this region