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Below are comments left by browsers visiting Please feel free to leave your comments about our website and service. If you have comments on your recent stay at a hotel, please use the hotel guest review form which is automatically sent to you by email after your stay. Thanks.

Very easy to use
Angela McMahon Glasgow, 2nd Feb 2018
I booked through calling the office in Strathaven It should have been straight forward but poor communication on the part of the hotel and a little mis understanding at the office

Have used you before and have ticked yes below. Service is good but it could be a wee bit better.
Carol Stark Larkhall South Larkhall, 1st Feb 2018
New website: at first I did not think it was as good as the old site. But it was easy to book. Will use it again
Lisa West midlands, 31st Jan 2018
Very helpful and polite when I phoned
Margaret halliday Glasgow, 31st Jan 2018
The service on the telephone to book my break to Appleby manor was amazing, I had to ring up several times and the lady remembered me. Great service. Well done
Judith cutts North east, 31st Jan 2018
I have booked many times with My Hotel and never had a problem. Good choice of hotels, excellent prices and superb service. I have never experienced and problems with the website and the new format still provides the same excellent experience. I am looking forward to my next break.
Eddie Wilkinson Tain, 31st Jan 2018
Just to let you know Mark, found booking really brilliant.. keep up the good work.. prices are terrific as well !!!
isabel COULL Sanquhar, 31st Jan 2018
No problems booking,all straightforward.
Peter Rattray Milngavie, 30th Jan 2018
I came upon this site by accident and I am very glad that I did. It is very easy to use. I have already booked two week-ends away. Good service and excellent prices. Will be definitely be using again.
Thomas Cook g66 7lr, 30th Jan 2018
Very easy to book with great offers
B Milloy Shotts, 30th Jan 2018
New website is really easy to use and looks great.
Karolina Coatbridge, 30th Jan 2018
Thanks quick and easy to book
Christine Wigan, 30th Jan 2018
I found the old web site easier to find my way round.
Ella jardine Livingston Scotland, 30th Jan 2018
Good but the first time I didn't check the card details were correct and when I tried to go back to check them, it would not allow me and I had to go out completely and create the booking again from scratch
Adrian Rudd Gateshead, 30th Jan 2018
I found the website very good and easy to use. I also booked for the wrong month and it was changed more or less right away with no problem which was wonderful
FIONA BETT Perthshire, 30th Jan 2018
As an IT novice I found your site easy to use and was impressed by the large range of breaks available and the amount of choice.
Margaret P Smith Rossendale, 30th Jan 2018
Really easy to use this website and have been a repeat user over many years hardly ever been let down.
Kevin McCann Dunoon, 30th Jan 2018
Very clear and easy to use, great that you can book for yourself and friends and don't have to pay until you arrive at venue
Isobel Simmons Lanarkshire, 30th Jan 2018
The booking system was easy to use. It would be better if cancellation terms etc were more prominent in the booking process. I booked a 'late offer' one night DB&B stay - assuming I was making a non-refundable commitment (that almost stopped me booking due to some personal unknowns before the booking date) which is often the case to secure such deals. Turns out in the small print that we can still cancel for no penalty up to 48 hours before - that's a positive aspect that should be highlighted during the booking process :o)
Peter Hanney KIRKHAM, 30th Jan 2018
It was very easy to book on your new website and moving around was simple. I have booked lots of breaks with your company and have enjoyed each one. I will continue to watch out for deals around my area.

Thank you,
Sheena Pearson Northumberland, 30th Jan 2018
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