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Golf Breaks

Golf Breaks are set in some of the beautiful parts of the country. Be it in Turnberry, St Andrews, Welcombe and many more well know areas,

Tee-off your next short trip with one of MyHotelBreak’s fantastic golf breaks. We feature a fine selection of golf hotels packages throughout Scotland, England and Wales.

Our golf hotels package a rate which includes golf and accommodation. So after a good night’s sleep, and a delicious and nutritious breakfast, you’ll be ready to tackle 18 holes. You’ll be able to drive, chip and putt to your heart’s content. Most hotels offering golf breaks also have leisure facilities for those who wish to give the golf a miss.

For groups of more than 8, please telephone us for special UK golf breaks rate offers on 01357 529129. Please request any specific tee off times in the comments section of the booking form, and the golf course will confirm back your times.

In addition, if you are looking to attend golf tournaments, we have a great selection of hotels that are located nearby courses with upcoming golf tournaments.

This package is available at the following 1 hotel





The Appleby Manor Hotel & Garden Spa is set in the lovely village of Appleby in Westmorland, within the Eden Valley on the edge of the Lake... view more details

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