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Quality and Grading Scheme

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Quality and Grading Scheme

Classic is one of a very few web based companies which personally visits hotels on a regular basis. It's the only way to give you added confidence to choose the style and quality of hotel to meet your level of expectation.

There is one common grading scheme in the UK operated by the AA and the
National Tourist Boards. However, not all hotels are within this grading and 30% of the UK's hotel stock is  not officially graded. These hotels grade themselves!

In our opinion,  the new star rating system is restricted, and can at best only generalise. For example; 3 stars cover a multitude of hotels from those which just scrape in, to those, which are top class, and may just miss out on an extra star due to a very minor detail.

Classic Britain has a distinct advantage by receiving constant reviews about our properties from guests. On top of which we too visit our hotels each year, to ensure the quality is standard. We take into account overall maintenance of each hotel inside and out, customer feedback, ambience, cleanliness, ease of access incl. parking, available space both in bedrooms and public areas, hotel design, quality of fabric and décor, quality of food and service, efficiency & friendliness of management and staff. Basically, the overall FEEL GOOD factor

On every page you will see each hotel is merited with a 2,3 or 4 stars, and then after our visit, categorised by Classic into Approved, Commended & 1st Class.

Stars for Facilities

The number of stars relates to the facilities available in the hotel, level of service available, and when the hotel was last refurbished. If the hotel has been graded using the National grading criteria, then Classic will use this. In self-accrediting hotels, Classic will decide on the most appropriate star rating, which may not conform to the exact criteria of the National Grading Organisation.

Categories for Services

From customer feedback and our hotel visits, Classic is well placed to provide you with a more detailed grading of each of our hotel members.


The hotel is well maintained ,the staff are trained up to an acceptable level. There is no area within the hotel causing concern and meets Classics minimum level of expectation


Some areas within commended hotels are outstanding. For example, the new bedrooms, the great staff, the quality of the food or the location. Commended hotels are above average.

1st Class

Awarded to the top end hotels, hotels where Classic receives constantly favourable reviews and is top quality in all departments, from the overall ambience of the hotel, to the service provided.