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Hotel Partnerships

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What do you need from your sales distribution channel?

  • Help to fill rooms at your hotel, especially over quieter periods?
  • Advice and support to market your hotel in the best possible light?
  • Access to over 300,000 extremely receptive hotel break customers?
  • Customers who want more from staying at your hotel than just a room?
  • Customer who will spend on site and make full use of all the facilities and products that your hotel has to offer?
  • Coach parties on site (large travel trade groups and/or smaller special interest groups) to give you volume when you need it most?
  • A low cost, high impact method of maximising occupancy levels?
  • A one-stop shop to provide groups and leisure business all under one roof?

We offer two partnership options to interested hotel members, keeping it uncomplicated and concise!



Ideal for smaller hotels (25 rooms or less) or those who do not wish to receive group business.

• Promote your hotel on our display pages on our award winning website – reaching over 5,000 guests PER DAY!
• Feature within our Instant Offers on the front page to fill those last minute gaps
• Participate in our extremely responsive email campaigns which we send out to over 200,000 past guests achieving click-through and booking rates far higher than the industry norm.
• Access our specially negotiated newspaper advertising rates and also avail yourself of our 50/50 contribution adverts.
• Participate in seasonal promotions within national press titles and in online channels.
• Get on the radar for any ad hoc group requests.
• Receive support and advice from head office team including hotel visits for business development.
• Plus much more!

If you are keen to drive both Leisure and Group business to your hotel then this is the option for you!

• Access all of the benefits outlined in Option 1 Plus:
• Give your hotel exposure to our vast and evolving groups operator market which places over 1300 groups a year around the UK via Classic Britain.
• Target traditionally quiet periods well in advance to fill with groups and relieve the pressure on sales and occupancy levels.
• Access the international market via our multi-lingual sales team.
• Access our monthly offers e-blast to our Group Operator database.
• Be featured in our ever-popular annual Groups Package Brochure, which delivers fantastic materialisation rates and gives a great platform to promote your groups product.


John Stirrat – New Lanark Mill

"I have worked closely with for a number of years and have always been impressed by their focus towards helping our business fill bedrooms. They are committed to driving online sales through their website which in turn allows us to promote packages and special offers to targeted audiences. Classic Britain is certainly one of our strongest partners and we work closely together to generate additional sales in quieter times. I am always confident in their ability to drive new sales and I never hesitate in taking part in particular sales campaigns which they run throughout the year because I know that they will produce results.
As a Classic Britain Hotel member I am proud to be part of their organisation and know that I can always turn to them when I need an extra push for particular dates. Their marketing campaigns are clear, concise and well thought out and represent excellent value for money. They are always keen to offer assistance and constantly keep me informed of future activity giving me the option to participate. What is clear is the utter determination that the Classic Britain team have to help fill my hotel throughout any season of the year. I would have no hesitation in recommending fellow hotels to join and become a partner as I know they will work closely with your in house reservation team and strive to assist them as much as they can to achieve the goal of maximum occupancy. That ultimately is what Classic Britain is all about"

Stuart Maxwell – Macdonald Cardrona Hotel

"We have worked with since 2012 and the partnership has gone from strength to strength. When we initially approached Classic it was because we needed some assistance to drive customers to our hotel, especially in the shoulder and low seasons. They provided a two-pronged approach to providing business via both their website and their groups department.
From the minute we were live on site, bookings were instantaneous and before long they were out-performing most of our other channels, many of which had been established for several years.
The main strength of Classic Britain for us is their reactiveness to whatever particular challenge the hotel may be facing. They have their finger very much on the pulse as to what will work and will not work for both individuals and group product offerings.
Having worked myself with Classic in previous roles at other hotels, I know that this formula works across various product types demonstrating the diversity of customers bases that they can bring."

Beaufort Park – Beccy Cliffe

"We have always found to be a fantastic generator of both groups and leisure business in the years that we have been working with them. The groups team are constantly in touch with a range of requests from brochured tours for coming years to last minute Mystery Tours to help fill the hotel nicely in quieter periods.
What makes the difference for me is the nature of the relationship where phone calls are more common-place than impersonal emails which renders far more fruitful results.
I feel that Classic has a really good grasp of the type of business that suits my hotel and rarely do they call with a request that we would not consider. The quality of the groups business is also good with on-site spend providing incremental revenue which makes the stay even more profitable for the hotel."

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