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Can I make a booking at short notice?

Yes, you can make a booking online right up to the last minute. If you are making a booking within 24 hours of arrival (or 48 hours if over a weekend), complete your booking as normal, and you will receive your confirmation booking reference number by email more or less by return. For any bookings made within 24 hours of arrival (or 48 hours if over a weekend), we do strongly recommend you call or the hotel direct in order to double-check the availability before you arrive as we cannot 100% guarantee that rooms will still be available without checking.

Can I make a booking for a family with more than 2 children?

Some hotels have rooms large enough for 2 adults and 3 children, you will be able to find these hotels using the hotel search. Sizes of family rooms can vary so depending on the ages of the children it may be an idea to call us and we can check for you.

What if there is 1 adult and 1,2 or 3 children in a Family Room?

Although there are exceptions in the quiet months, hotel policy is for the eldest child to be charged at the adult rate. If in doubt, please call us.

Can our children dine with us in the evening?

Yes, our hotels do provide this facility, and there is usually an allowance set aside for children's meals. Normally a children's menu will be offered, although older children can eat off the Table D'hote dinner menu, and receive portions. If your child wishes a full portion, then an extra charge will be added to your bill. A small number of hotels assign particular times for family dining.

What does our evening meal include?

In the vast majority of cases, a choice 3-course dinner plus coffee is included in the DBB price. Some premium items may include a surcharge but this should be clearly identified on the menu. In some hotels there is an allowance provided instead - this can be used against food items on the menu ( please note that drinks are not normally included within the meal allowance ). If in any doubt, please ask the Restaurant Manager. Some hotels will offer a 2 or even 1-course dinner as part of a deal but this will be advised on the break page copy details. 

Will I receive any special requests I make?

We cannot guarantee requests even though they are often provided, this is at the hotel's discretion. If a particular element in your request is especially important we would ask you to call us so that we can advise accordingly. Dietary requirements, allergies, and access needs would normally be provided as requested but again, it is advisable to call to check if this is a key part of your stay. 

Can I bring my pet?

Most but not all hotels allow pets, and some hotels do charge. Please refer to our pet friendly hotels page for more information.

I have a pet allergy - how can I be sure my hotel does not allow pets?

Whilst our pet-friendly pages do act as a good indicator for those hotels that are happy to have pets on site, this does not infer that those not bearing this symbol will not allow pets in certain areas. If you have an allergy or particular concern then please do call us with the details of your chosen hotel and we can check for you and advise accordingly. 

How can I pay for my break?

On the booking form there is a section where you enter your credit card or debit card details. We will validate the card and only use your card to secure your room. We DO NOT take any deposit or any money from your card. We DO NOT have any booking fee. On arrival at the hotel you will be asked to verify your card details and you pay for your break together with any extras at the end of your stay (though some hotels will request payment on arrival). Some hotels may request advance payment for particular room types ( suites etc ) but we will contact you if this is required by the hotel. Hotels will usually request a card or deposit to be lodged at check-in for use against any incidentals purchased during your stay. Some hotels will also take a pre-authorisation amount at check-in. This is not a debit against your card but it does hold the funds on your account for use if required. This is usually released a few days after your stay but will vary depending on how quickly your bank processes these. Please note that hotels will usually take a deposit for particular breaks eg Festive. We will only normally take payment upfront for any advanced purchase offers, this will be clearly stated on the booking form. 

My Gift Voucher has expired – am I able to extend this?

Depending on the type of voucher you have purchased we may be able to extend the redemption date (usually for a further 6 months from date of expiry). This is available for an admin fee of £10 per voucher. Please note that certain vouchers (e.g. Hotel Break for Two) cannot necessarily be extended as the participating hotels and type of inclusions etc can vary from year to year. For such occasions, we may be able to convert your voucher into an equivalent value monetary voucher ( same admin fee applies)

How safe is it for me to disclose my card details on your site?

We have taken all precautions to ensure your details cannot be obtained by another party. To comply with PCI DSS we use Stripe to hold your card details securely.

Can I amend a booking?

Yes, you can amend a booking at any time, and we are one of a very few sites which do not charge for any amendments you make. Any amendments within 48 hrs of arrival which results in reduction in the number of rooms may incur a cancellation charge. Please note that amendments within 48 hours of arrival will be subject to agreement by the hotel to permit a change. In the event that they will not allow the change, then usual cancellation fees will apply if you do not stay on your original stay date and terms. Hotels may also request upfront payment for any late amends ( within 48 hours of arrival ) and they may advise that no further changes or cancellations will be permitted. Some amendments can be made online by logging in to 'my account'. Alternatively, call our reservations team who can assist you. If you wish to amend your booking within 48hrs, there may be cancellation charges.

What if I have to cancel my break?

If you cancel your booking a £7.50 cancellation fee will be charged. Late cancellations may incur further charges, details will be on the hotel pages and your email confirmation.
On occasions, due to extraordinary circumstances like bad weather or serious illness, then the hotel may overlook the late cancellation charge. This will be entirely down to the discretion of the hotel.  We do recommend you consider taking out the necessary insurance to avoid any loss. To cancel online - please log in to 'my account' using your email address and password, view your booking details and click on the 'Cancel Booking' button. If you are unsure please give us a call.

Do you provide Insurance?

We do not provide insurance; this will need to be purchased separately.

Where can I obtain rail times?

Contact National Rail Enquiries on 08457 48 49 50 or visit their website.

If I have booked a spa break or a golf package what happens?

Once we have processed your booking please contact the hotel in advance of your arrival, to arrange times for your spa treatments or tee-off times. Hotel contact details will be sent with your confirmation.

Once my booking has been sent, is it treated as confirmed?

Yes, we will email you within 24 hours to let you know this is the case. For extremely late bookings, within 24 hours of arrival, we do recommend you telephone our office before travelling. Due to the restriction of family rooms, there may be occasions we have to refuse family rooms over peak periods like school holidays or when there is refurbishment work being carried out.

Should I check with the hotel my booking is confirmed?

No, this is not necessary, and can sometimes cause confusion. If you have any doubts, please contact us for verification. The only exception to this would be for late bookings ( within 48 hours of arrival ) in which case it would be prudent to contact us ( or the hotel directly if our offices are closed ) to ensure they have safe receipt of your booking. 

How can I check my booking?

You can either call us or check your booking online using my account

If I am arriving late will my room be held?

Yes, as long as you have submitted a valid charge card, or we have received your deposit cheque then your room will be held for you. Please let us know if you will be a late arrival, so we can inform the hotel for dining purposes, this can be added to the comments section when booking.

Can I make a booking if I live outside the UK?

Yes, you can make a booking from anywhere in the world. Prices are quoted in pound sterling and the hotel will charge you in pounds sterling. Please make your booking in the normal way.

How do I get a BEST AVAILABLE room?

Not all hotels offer this added value, only the hotels that state "Best Available Room". Best Available Rooms entitle you to be allocated the best available room (of the category that you booked) on the morning of your arrival. This may mean you get the best room in the hotel, or the best of the standard rooms (or whatever category you booked). This is at the hotel's discretion and may depend on various factors such as how busy the hotel is or on the hotel's own policy and is subject to availability. If you have paid a supplement for a superior room, then you will get the best available superior room.

If I want to phone you when are you open?

Please visit our contact us page for more details.

What happens if I have a complaint?

A. In the unlikely event you are not happy with our reservations or web service then email our Reservations supervisor If there is a certain element not up to par at the hotel, then it is important you notify the Management of the hotel right away, so they have the opportunity to resolve the matter. If you are still not happy, then you can either call our office, whilst at the hotel, or email or write to us when you get home. We aim to respond to complaints within 14 days of receipt.

Are my personal details safe with you?

Absolutely, we will not divulge any of your details to a third party. Please refer to our privacy policy.

When can I check-in, and when is check out?

Earliest check-in is normally 1500hrs (please check individual hotels for exact times). if any earlier we cannot guarantee your room will be ready. Check-out is by 1100hrs.  If you wish a later check-out time, let us know at the time of booking. There may be an additional charge though.

Smoking rooms

Due to changes in the law, most hotel rooms are now non-smoking. Some hotels offer smoking rooms and this will be indicated on the hotel's home page. Some hotels (but not all) have a smoking area set aside outside the hotel for the use of smokers. Please note that hotels will penalise anyone smoking in a non-smoking room. To find out hotels that still have smoking rooms, please use our Inspire Me section of the website