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Book now, enjoy later

We have recently received a lot of feedback from our amazing regular guests who would love to book a break later in the year and have something to look forward to. With this in mind we have carefully sourced and selected top hotel deals that are available later in the year and beyond! We will be continuing to add deals here as we get more hotels on board.

Our Promise to you

We realise we are living in a world that is ever-changing and the future can seem uncertain at times. That is why we are making sure the offers we select for you (like the ones below) can be booked on our flexible terms. Meaning you can book a break for later in the year knowing there is no risk if you have to change or cancel your stay:

No upfront payment or fees
Free to change your date or hotel
Free to cancel

We have completely removed our £5 cancellation fee from the website for now. This now means any breaks booked on our flexible terms can be changed AND cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival!