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Spring Breaks

My Hotel Break has put together a fine selection of spring breaks packages to help you make the most of the improving weather and temperatures that this lovely season brings. It’s been a typically cold and dark British winter, and we all deserve a refreshing short break.

Luckily, spring breaks in the UK differ greatly from their American counterparts. You’re unlikely to see hordes of rowdy, drunk college and university students (over)celebrating time off from their studies. It’s an altogether much more relaxing and calm affair here in the UK.

We have carefully hand-picked a fantastic range of spring breaks for your consideration. A retreat to the countryside is ideal to really get the best out of the season. Blossoming flowers, playful lambs and warmer climes. Or perhaps a city shopping break, takes your fancy. Out with the old winter clothes and upgrade your spring/summer wardrobe!

Whatever the reason for your short break; romantic weekends away, relaxing escapes or city breaks, we have great spring breaks packages and special offers to make it a special time.

Book one of our great deals today at My Hotel Break and say a long-awaited goodbye to dreary winter and a big hello to wonderful spring.


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