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Cycling Breaks

Road cycling or mountain biking. Scottish Highlands to the Peak District. The Lakes to the South Downs.  Welsh coastlines and umpteen National Parks. Myhotelbreak has hotels in all the right places for cycling

Are you looking to put in some serious miles while cycling through some amazing countryside landscapes? Hoping to get a little muddy on some off road biking trails that cut through stunning woodlands? At My Hotel Break we offer a fantastic range of deals we like to call the cycling holidays UK selection.

Cycling breaks are most definitely worth the effort. Push yourself to the limit on a steep, arduous up-hill climb, to be rewarded with a birds-eye view of some stunning British scenery. Free wheel back down hill and feel the wind breeze by. My Hotel Break’s cycling holidays UK selection includes hotels in some pretty amazing places, whether it’s for off road cycling or road cycling.

The carefully hand-picked hotels in our cycling holidays UK selection will provide you with the ideal place to relax and recover after a long day’s cycle. We’ve chosen a range of accommodation with comfortable, pleasing and relaxing environments, located against a backdrop of stunning rural landscapes to help you make the most of your cycling breaks.

Some of our carefully selected hotels have drying rooms and secure storage for your bike, so you can rest assured that your bike safe and secure. In addition, if you wish to hire a bike then the hotels can assist. Just choose your destination hotel from our cycling holidays UK selection and see what each hotel can offer you.

Book online today from our self-guide cycling holidays UK selection at My Hotel Break.


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