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Self-Catering Apartments

Self-Catering Apartments

Looking to save money on cheap self-catering holidays in the UK? Whether you're planning a getaway for some family fun or a romantic escape, self-catering accommodation is a great way to enjoy new scenery without breaking the bank.

Unlock a world of incredible holiday deals when you choose myhotelbreak to book your self-catering holiday. From gorgeous self-catering destinations with stunning sea views to upscale self-catering accommodations in country clubs or resorts, myhotelbreak has the perfect deal for your needs and budget.

Choose the freedom and flexibility of self-catering accommodation for your next vacation. Book your perfect self-catering holiday with myhotelbreak now to experience a holiday on your own terms.

Our Range of Self-Catering Holiday Accommodation

Our selection of self-catering apartment holidays offers a number of benefits that go beyond saving money on eating out at restaurants every day. Self-catering hotels, or aparthotels, give you the freedom to tailor your vacation so you spend your money and time how you want and when you want. On top of this, you gain the opportunity to embark on new culinary adventures as you get the opportunity to cook local food using local ingredients in your own kitchen!

From astoundingly cheap self-catering deals to luxury self-catering holiday escapes, we have the perfect accommodation and personalised holiday experience to make your trip one to remember. This is what you can expect when booking at one of the hotels with self-catering apartments in our selection:

Rooms of Every Size

Choose from our diverse self-catering holiday apartment selection to find the perfect stay for your travel party. Whether you're travelling as a large group or solo, our wide range of accommodation options paired with frequent self-catering deals allows you to find the perfect self-catering aparthotel or resort for a comfortable stay for all — and at the best possible price, too.

We also have many family-friendly options and accommodations that allow you to bring your beloved pets along too! From 3 star to 5 star self-catering hotels, with our selection of holiday deals, you can embrace the freedom of self-catering holidays on your own terms, knowing that a cosy retreat awaits you.

Leisure Facilities & Activities

Many of the self-catering hotels on offer have additional on-site facilities or activities on offer. If you forget to stock up on a little snack bar for your flat, many of these hotels also offer delightful dining experiences at on-site restaurants. You can also find self-catering hotels and resorts with well-equipped gyms, pools, golf on-site or nearby, and other activities. Indulge in a delightful array of leisure facilities at our self-catering holiday destinations.

Modern Self-Catering Amenities

Most people choose self-catering holiday apartments for the convenience and cost saving of being able to cook their own meals in a kitchen. A self-catering holiday not only allows you to savour local produce from nearby markets, but you can also eat food on your own schedule (without having to worry about when breakfast closes) and truly enjoy the comfort of your home away from home.

That's not all self-catering hotels and accommodations have to offer. Our modern self-catering amenities are available with the added convenience of all your favourite home comforts — from kitchenettes to fully equipped kitchens and cooking facilities, and spacious living areas to features like complimentary WiFi, walk-in showers, and many other thoughtful touches. You are sure to have everything you need for a stress-free holiday! Enjoy more freedom to relax, dine, and unwind in your own private space when you book self-catering holidays with myhotelbreak.

Explore the UK on a Self-Catering Holiday

Discover great destinations for self-catering holidays across the United Kingdom with myhotelbreak. From a luxury self-catering apartment in Edinburgh within walking distance of iconic landmarks to a charming self-catering aparthotel close to Manchester, the possibilities are endless. Explore our resort and aparthotel options for self-catering holidays to create lasting memories in captivating locations across the United Kingdom.

Our locations for self-catering holidays are constantly being updated. Look out for the following self-catering holiday destinations on myhotelbreak:

  • Self-catering apartments in Edinburgh
  • Self-catering apartments in Cornwall
  • Self-catering apartments in Liverpool
  • Self-catering apartments in Keswick
  • Self-catering apartments in Devon
  • Self-catering apartments near Bournemouth
  • Self-catering apartments near Blackpool
  • and more!

Sleek and modern self-catering amenities give you the added convenience & flexibility to enjoy your holiday exactly as you please. Browse our online selection of self-catering hotels and accommodation and book with myhotelbreak for competitive prices & unique package deals!


Have a burning question about our self-catering holidays? We've answered some of the questions we frequently get asked to help you make a decision on the best self-catering hotel breaks in the UK for your needs.

Do self-catering holidays work out to be cheaper?

They certainly give you plenty of opportunities to save money! When you choose a hotel package with no food or drink included, you not only gain far more freedom to try some of the local restaurants in the area that may be better value for money, but you can also cut down on the costs of eating out altogether and shop around for local produce instead. Self-catering holidays are also ideal for picky eaters or those with strict food or dietary requirements.

Can you amend bookings at self-catering hotels & resorts once they've been confirmed?

With myhotelbreak, modifying your reservation is no trouble at all. Whether it's accommodating a last-minute holiday-goer by adding an extra room or adjusting the booking name, we've got you covered.

And the best part? For many of our deals, you won't encounter any extra charges for making these changes. You can amend your booking dates up to 48 hours before check-in or modify the names of registered guests without incurring additional costs. View the package details before booking for the exact stipulations of your chosen holiday deals.

For more information on how we operate and look after our patrons' best interests, check out our incredible guarantees.

Why Book Self-Catering Holidays with myhotelbreak?

At myhotelbreak, we take pride in curating the perfect holidays tailored to your preferences. Our handpicked selection of top-rated hotels across the United Kingdom ensures you have a memorable stay, while our incredible package deals offer you unique and personalised experiences, from romantic add-ons to dinner, bed & breakfast deals.

We pride ourselves on our customer-first approach, and our easy-to-manage bookings are a testament to the value we place on excellent customer service. With myhotelbreak, you can rest assured that everything will be in order when you arrive for your holiday.

Combine home comforts with the excitement of travel — browse cheap self-catering deals exclusive to myhotelbreak and book online today!

Transparent Costs

There's nothing worse than hidden booking fees or charges cropping up as you're confirming your order. With myhotelbreak, you don't have to worry about any hidden charges when you book with us.

In fact, we don't even ask for upfront payment on most bookings. All of your expenses can be settled when you arrive at the hotel, which means no deposits and no upfront costs* are needed when you book.

*We offer some non-refundable deals that may require a deposit or advanced payment. This will always be made clear to you from the get-go.

Exclusive Deals at the Best Rate Guaranteed

As a result of our diligent market tracking, everything we offer comes at the guaranteed best rate, with many deals even being exclusive to myhotelbreak! We constantly monitor popular travel accommodation websites to ensure that our prices are the most competitive in the market.

Be the first to find our incredible deals for self-catering accommodation by subscribing to our weekly emails or signing up for free member accounts. This way, you'll gain access to fantastic rates available exclusively to our previous guests and members.

For a holiday that fits your budget without compromising on quality, choose self-catering apartments and hotels from myhotelbreak. Book online today to enjoy the freedom of your travels while knowing you have a well-equipped self-catering hotel room to return to.

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The Edinburgh Grand

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Number 10 The Abbey

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