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Historic buildings on the dock with blue sky close to a wide range of hotels and tourist destinations / sights


Tourist Information

Things to see & do in Liverpool

Liverpool, home of the Beetles, is filled with many things to do from dining out to exploring The Mersey Tunnels. Start your day off by getting acquainted with over 700 wild animals in the Knowsley Safari Park where you can watch amazing wildlife from the comfort of your own car. Take a drive through the lion enclosure or watch the sea lions splash about during their show, as well as all these amazing animals there is also fun rides to keep young children entertained all day! And finish your day by dining at the Albert Dock with a selection of family friendly suited restaurants for all budgets!

Liverpool also has many shops, the best place being Liverpool ONE. Liverpool ONE has two of the UK’s favourite department stores, Debenhams and John Lewis as well as Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Hollister and All Saints, located on South John Street, LEGO and Disney stores are also found here, perfect for children.

For people interested in history and art, Liverpool has lots of art galleries and museums. The World Museum is perfect for the whole family, learning about the sea to the stars through many exhibitions and hands on activities revealing the millions of years of history on earth. Tate Liverpool is home to the National Collection of modern art in the North, this free entry art gallery is the most visited gallery outside of London and is located on the Albert Dock making it within easy walking distance from the centre.

Albert Dock is one of Britain’s top heritage attractions and is filled with many things do. There is Tate Liverpool, The Victorian Carousel and many restaurants, just to name a few. The Magical Mystery Tour bus stops off in Albert Dock, along with many other destinations. This two hour journey will take passengers on a bright coloured bus to places associated with the Fab Four, to see how John, Paul, George and Ringo grew up! For music lovers, there is the Cavern Club, a venue that has been popular since 1957, always a great night out.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is Britain's biggest Cathedral and the 5th largest in Europe. In the cathedral you can do the Tower Experience where you are able to travel up to the top of the tower at an amazing height of 500ft above sea level! You can also take an adventure down into The Mersey Tunnels and explore the underground by going underneath the city and walking around under the Tunnel road surface and witnessing an engineering masterpiece first hand along with much more.

Liverpool has lots of things to do for the football fans too including tours around the stadium whilst learning about the history of the LFC’s and up coming plans for the team. There is also The Liverpool Football Clubs interactive museum where you can discover up to 120 years of football history. As well as all this there is of course football games that you can book to go and see!

Below are some of the place of interest to visit while in the city of Liverpool

The Albert Dock 
Tate Liverpool
Merseyside Maritime Museum
Walker Art Gallery
Cavern Walks
Ferry Across the Mersey
Knowsley Safari
Mersey Tunnels
Liverpool ONE
The World Museum
Magical Mystery
Football tour
Football museum

Liverpool 5 day weather forecast