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Destination Guide

The Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys leading down to the town of Selkirk close to a wide range of hotels and tourist destinations / sights


Tourist Information

Things to see & do in Selkirk

The Royal and Ancient Burgh of Selkirk can boast association with some famous Scots. William Wallace was proclaimed Overlord of Scotland in the town's Forest Kirk, while Sir Walter Scott served as Sheriff for 33 years.

A visit to Halliwell's House Museum tells the story of life in Halliwell's Close as well as the wider story of Selkirk's fascinating history. Here you will also find out about the Selkirk Bannock, a delicious fruit cake.

One of the oldest and most popular festivals in the borders is the Selkirk Common Riding. The festival dates back to the Battle of Flodden in 1513. The festival now consists of 400 riders, which represent the 80 men who went into battle with the Scottish King James IV, only one man returned, bearing a blood-stained English Flag.

A few miles out of Selkirk is St. Mary's Loch. The loch is southern Scotland's largest stretch of water and this is a beautiful road to drive which leads across the valley to Moffat in Dumfries and Galloway. 

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