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A wide open park called happy Valley in Coulsdon, lots of trees and an open field, close to a wide range of hotels and tourist destinations / sights

Old Coulsdon

Tourist Information

Things to see and do in Old Coulsdon

Old Coulsdon is a small village near Coulsdon in London, only 14 miles from Charing Cross. Coulsdon is an interesting town positioned in the County of Surrey. It dates far back in time to the Ancient Anglo Saxons and beyond. From a small settlement of cottages and farms which nestled around a village green and duck pond it grew, today's visitors will discover a mixture of old cottages and houses, together with new and modern buildings which line the streets.

A stroll around the town will uncover an impressive 13th Century church dedicated to St John which has stained glass windows and a spire dominating the skyline, which stands on the site of an earlier church. There is a good choice of shops on offer.

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