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3 Night Breaks

3 Night Breaks

Looking for 3 night late deals? At myhotelbreak our 3 night breaks are more than reasonable. With 3 night deals throughout Scotland, England and Wales, your best placed to get fantastic value on your extended break with myhotelbreak.

These 3 night late deals are available within the next couple of months and constantly being added to. The following hotels are offering massive discount on their normal tariff and many are exclusive to

Booking your 3 night breaks with myhotelbreak

Booking 3 night breaks are more than a memorable experience for our guests. It can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect hotel that offers 3 night breaks at a great price. With myhotelbreak we work with 100’s of hotels throughout the UK offering 3 night late deals at fantastic rates.
You might be looking for a short break in the picturesque setting of Pitlochry. It might be further north to the Highlands. Here you can enjoy an extended 3 night break and explore all the lushness and greenery that this special area of the country has to offer. Our hotels here live right on the doorstep of so much natural beauty.

We have the hotel offers that match the type of break you want. We’re just a call away, whether you book via the website or on the phone.
When booking with us you only pay when you stay on the majority of our 3 night late deals. Also, amendments can be made up 48 hours prior to arrival. Meaning you don’t need to worry about unwanted payments or surprises after booking. We’re transparent in what we do and that’s why we’re the trusted partner when booking a few nights away.

We can price match but we’re confident our prices are the best out there.

Booking our 3 night breaks with our short breaks hotels

Our hotels are of the highest possible standard so when you’re looking for a 3 night last minute holiday, our accommodation options tick all the boxes. These hotels are handpicked by our in house product team and this ensures that their ethos and quality standards align with ours. Moreover, this gives our customers peace of mind in knowing they’re going to have a great hotel break.

With our 3 night hotel options it gives you time to really explore your surroundings and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

Years of experience in providing our guests the best possible 3 night late hotel deals

We really know what makes a special occasion. Booking a last minute 3 night break with us can be really exciting for many reasons. It gives you time to spend with the family. It means you can spend more time alone with your partner and it means you can just completely switch off from day to day life. Our hotel offers will give guests experiences to last a lifetime and beyond.

Enjoy our 3 night breaks with the help of myhotelbreak. 

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