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Below is a selection of the best last minute hotels from Most of these last minute rooms can also be booked for more than one night. This includes your overnight stay. Added to this, many of them include meals and FREE extras such as wine, room upgrades, late check-out and much more

You might be looking for last minute hotels and other last minute hotel deals, weekend breaks or staycations in Scotland, England or Wales and at myhotelbreak we have various offers that suit even the most discerning hotel guest. Whether it’s a weekend break with a loved one, a midweek spa break or just a night to get away from it all, these last minute hotel deals fit the bill.

Last minute luxury hotel deals with myhotelbreak

We partner with hundreds of hotels throughout Britain, to give you the best possible last second hotel deals around. Whether you’re wanting to explore the city life in the likes of Edinburgh, Newcastle or Glasgow. Fancy something a little more relaxed such as a countryside hotel or a castle? Our late deals cater for all tastes and desires. Looking for a village retreat in the picturesque Peak District or wanting to sample the fresh outdoors in the lovely Lake District? We have this in abundance with our last minute hotel stays. 

Why book with us and our last minute hotels?

When you book with myhotelbreak for your last minute break, you get the best guarantees and booking conditions compared to other online hotel companies. Our guests get fantastic rates with lots of added extra very often included and the vast majority of our offers are pay when you stay and amendments allowed up to 48 hours in advance. There are also no hidden charges when you safely and securely book through us. Our rates are clear and transparent with no “admin” charges or non-refundable deposits getting dropped into your basket on checkout. Any offers which we do require pre-payment for will be clearly marked as such throughout your easy booking process.

Why choose our last minute hotels?

Our last minute hotels are hand-picked by our team to offer guests fantastic value alongside the greatest possible standard and hotel experience. This way it gives you, our customers the peace of mind, knowing the hotel you pick, is up the standard, style and quality expected. You can also look at reviews from past guests to see how they found their experience to be and to get some good hints and tips for best rooms, local entertainment etc, We suggest heading over to our well known Facebook Members page where you can get even more information from our customers on our last minute hotels. 

We offer guaranteed best rate! You won’t find a lower price for your last minute break on any other online travel agent’s site. Period. If you do, then simply call us with the details and we will take it from there. Of course, the details must be like for like, same dates, room type, meal plan and similar payment terms. All claims must be made at the time of booking.

Over 20 years’ experience in providing our guests with the best last minute hotel deals

We have decades of experience in providing our customers with only the best late hotel deals around. Added to this, our offers are unparalleled. It’s more than just a great deal, we provide the whole “getting-away-from-it-all” experience. We make sure that our last minute hotels are filled with a plethora of options for amenities and exploration. We provide our customers with fantastic accommodation and great vacation experiences.

There are so many reasons to use myhotelbreak when trying to find that last minute room. Also, we work with well known hotel firms that offer great last minute places to stay.

Reasons to book last minute hotels

• Booking a last minute break can end up saving you money
• It can be really exciting to book last minute. Not knowing till late where your break with us will take you
• You know the weather for the weekend ahead (unlike booking a hotel far in advance)

With over 200 last minute hotels to choose from all over the UK you truly are spoilt for choice. It’s a no brainer. We’re the go to agent when looking for a fantastic last minute short break at even better rates.

Book your last minute hotels with myhotelbreak today. 

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